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Message from the Manager

We know that the present day economy is governed by market forces. After globalization, liberalization and privatization, the market has become very demanding. We are pushed into a situation where there are no excuses for incompetence. It is the time of the ‘survival of the fittest’. Technical Education is one of the most significant components of human resources development spectrum in improving the quality of the life of the people. In recognition of the importance of technology, the planners have accorded priority to this sector. There has been phenomenal growth in the field of technical education during the past years. Technology has become the key factor in deciding the course of development of any nation. All the inventions and innovations will help a nation towards development. Hence there is greater need to encourage and promote technology and technical studies that will enhance up-gradation of industries.

Technical Education in India contributes a major share to the overall education system and plays a vital role in the social and economic development of our nation. Technical education is imparted at various levels such as craftsmanship, diploma, degree, post- graduate research in specialized fields, to meet the exigencies of various aspects of technological development and economic progress.

Little Flower Polytechnic, Gorakhpur, was established in 2010 in order to provide quality technical education to the youth of the society, keeping up the regulations, norms and standards of the technical education system in India. We focus on high quality training, academic excellence and innovative research and development programmes. We help our students to equip themselves to become active collaborators of the nation building with the help of experienced faculty from commendable backgrounds and thus enable them to meet the challenges of our modern times.

Fr. Sabu K.V.